Eat St.–Find the food trucks near you!

I just downloaded Eat St., a free app from the Food Network that helps you find the food trucks near you. (This is going to be hot in Seattle! The City Council just okayed food trucks to park at the curb on public streets rather than just on private lots.)

I checked it out for my neighborhood and found just one mistake–it pinpointed the food carts I know about, but identified one bricks-and-mortar satay restaurant as a street food vendor. (Hmm, maybe I should walk over there and check it out. Is there a satay window?–would that count?)

The app (for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) also tracks Twitter updates, has a link to the TV show, and recommends food carts based on your current location. For each vendor, there are buttons for tweets, menu, hours, and profile, though the trucks I checked mostly just listed their website or Facebook page.

Looks like a fun one, and the price is right! Download it here:

Take a look at the website here:

1 thought on “Eat St.–Find the food trucks near you!

  1. Thanks for the great review! Also, if you ever identify any inaccuracies within the app, please don’t hesitate to send us some feedback and we’ll correct it right away. All you have to do is tap the cog button in the top right corner and then hit “submit feedback online”. We’d be happy to sort out the mystery of the brick and mortar satay restaurant!

    Some good news though, in the Spring of this year, we’ll be launching some new app features that should eliminate this problem (not to mention they’ll make the app a lot more fun!). Stay tuned!

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