Ham pairs well with nectarine-papaya salsa!

Remember the nectarine-papaya salsa I talked about on June 30th?–I had a little bit left. Then in rummaging around in the fridge for lunch today, I saw that I had a little slice of my Lefever Holbrook Farm ham steak left as well. Piled on the salsa, and it was really good!

When I was growing up, for a special treat my mother used to decorate a canned ham with pineapple slices (also from a can) and maraschino cherries (from a jar, natch). She would stick each cherry with its pineapple ruff to the ham with a brightly colored toothpick. (I bet your mother did too.) We always considered it very festive! I thought of that old dish as I ate my ham with salsa, also very festive with its bits of golden nectarine, papaya, and bright red cherry tomatoes!

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