EAT! Week meal planning: shopping lists, pantry lists

Never in my life have I planned meals for an entire week! But this year I spent my spring break doing just that.  What an eye-opener!–Come summer, I may do it again. Try it yourself!

The idea here is to account for the ingredients that are needed for the whole week of cooking. Each of us starts off with a pantry, a spice rack, and probably a freezer; we have to stock up, but we also have stuff on hand. This is how it looks like it will work for me. (Note!–I am cooking for one. You will need to scale up!) (Double-note: I have no idea if this is going to work!–Consult the daily EAT! Week blog posts for updates on how it is going.)

Provisioning for a week proves to be a formidable task! I decided that I’d better count on shopping twice (once on the Saturday before I got started and once on Thursday), to allow for mid-course corrections. I also wanted to give you a clear idea of what I was pulling off the shelf or out of the freezer. Here’s the picture at this point, a week before I start this venture!

Saturday’s shopping:

1/2 gallon of orange juice (use every day)
1 dozen eggs (use Sun, Fri, and Sat)
1 orange (use halves Sun and Fri)
1 lb. mushrooms (use Sun, Mon, and Sat; maybe in other salads)
1 loaf Grand Central Bakery Como sliced bread (Sun, Sat)
package of panini bread (Sun, Sat)
1 baguette (use all week)
1 bunch spinach (2X Sun, Wed, Sat; maybe in other salads)
2 red peppers (Sun, Wed)
4 fresh tomatoes (2X Sun, Wed, Thurs, Sat)
1 lb. green grapes (Sun, Fri, Sat)
1 lb. red grapes (Mon, Thurs, Sat)
1/2 lb. dried cannellini beans (Sun)
4 boxes (at least!) chicken stock (Sun, Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat)
6 onions (almost every day)
6 carrots (Sun, Mon, Wed, Sat; maybe grated in some salads)
1 bunch celery (Wed, and possibly salads)
1 sm pkg blueberries (Mon, Wed, Thurs)
1 pint cottage cheese (Mon, Wed)
1 head bibb lettuce (butter lettuce?) (almost every day)
3 lemons
2 limes
1 sm container cherry tomatoes (Mon, Thurs, possibly other salads)
2 bunches green onions (Mon, Tues)
2 heads broccoli (Mon, Wed)
1 large butternut squash (cook on Mon; use Mon and Tues)
1 bottle white wine (for cooking!–doesn’t include for drinking!)
1 can tomato puree (Mon, Fri)
1 tube tomato paste
2 bananas (Tues, Fri)
2 apples (Tues, Sat)
a nice cheese (Tues, Thurs)
1 Japanese eggplant (Tues)
1 sm. bunch fresh Thai basil (Tues; in other salads)

Thursday’s shopping:
1 sm. halibut steak
1 sm. bunch cilantro (Thurs; other salads)
2 jalapenos (Thurs)
1 sm. head cabbage (or 1/2 head) (Thurs)
1 pkg. flour tortillas
3-4 eggplants (about 4 lbs. total) (Fri)
1 lb. potatoes (Fri)
1 bottle red wine (for cooking!–doesn’t include for drinking!)

Out of my spice cabinet:
Summer savory
Ground ginger
hot paprika
dried mint
ground coriander
ground cumin
ground cinnamon
ground allspice
cinnamon stick
Red pepper flakes

Out of my garden, pantry, fridge, and freezer:

black tea
1% milk
Cascadian Farms Multi-Grain Squares cereal (Tues and Fri)
olive oil
sesame oil
canola oil
vegetable oil
Soy sauce
Fish sauce
Chunky peanut butter
Parmesano-Reggiano parmesan cheese
misc. vinegars (mirin, rice vinegar, etc.)
dijon mustard (for vinaigrette, etc.)
Sriracha hot sauce
breadcrumbs (from previous drying-out bread)
kosher salt
peppercorns for fresh-ground pepper
pine nuts
strawberry/rhubarb jam
dried fruit (cranberries, apricots, currants)
fresh rosemary (from the garden)
fresh parsley (from the garden)
oatmeal (I’m currently finishing off some good old Quaker Oats!)
garlic (from last year’s garden)
2 Lefever Holbrook Ranch lamb shanks
2 lbs Lefever Holbrook Ranch ground lamb
1 Lefever Holbrook Ranch pork chop

What’s left over for next week and beyond:

2 pcs panini sandwich bread
rest of Como loaf
rest of flour tortillas
part of celery head
rest of cabbage
possibly some cottage cheese
frozen leftovers!–meals in the bank!

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