What I’m reading: Growing a Farmer

Kurt Timmermeister, Growing a Farmer: How I Learned to Live Off The Land

Growing a Farmer is an heartening book for beginners in any field! Kurt Timmermeister’s journey from accomplished restauranteur to beginning farmer to respected maker of artisanal cheeses was marked by numerous setbacks, both hilarious and heart-breaking. He is eloquent on beginner’s cluelessness; here he is undertaking to buy a tractor:  “ I thought I would walk up to a salesman and engage him, but all that I had planned to ask was, ‘How much is that big green metal thing with the spikes on the bottom that rotate on the back side of it for mixing dirt or something?’” After all his travails, he ends on the perfect note: “The animals are content in the field, the gardens lush with vegetables, the orchards ever more prolific . . .”
(WW Norton & Co., hardcover, 2011)

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