Cascadian Farm multi-grain squares cereal

Growing up, one of my favorite breakfasts was Shredded Wheat. Those big woven bricks, floating in milk, with banana coins scattered over them! But when I give in to nostalgia and buy the original product that I grew up with, then tuck into a nice big bowl of it, I’ve been put off by a faint whiff of stale cardboard.

So I kept looking for a worthy replacement! And lately I’ve discovered Cascadian Farm Multi Grain Squares. This is not an elegant or obscure cereal–if you live in the Northwest, you can probably get it at your grocery store. But what a sweet, nutty cereal!–Holds its own in milk, goes great with bananas and berries, has a good shelf life.

This is just one organic cereal from Cascadian Farm in the Skagit Valley north of Seattle. If you follow this blog, you will hear a lot about this region, which is on the same latitude as the Loire Valley in France and is beautifully, lavishly bountiful, thanks to the mindfulness and hard work of its farmers. More on that later!

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