Yarmouth Farms French Creek cheese

Yarmouth Farms, near Darrington, Washington, produces (among other things!) fantastic cheeses. I’m told that Louise Yarmouth is the cheesemaker; I’ll go up and interview her one of these days and get some pictures of her operation. But for now, I’ll just rave about her French Creek cheese. This is a “bloomy rind, surface ripened cheese” (the first I’ve tried–or heard of) that has a liquid center with a (slightly) firmer rind. I tried to cut a slice of it, but ended up just scooping some of its fragrant gloppiness onto a baguette slice. Beautiful burst of flavor: fresh earth, soft rain, warm in your mouth!  So yesterday I went back to get some more, and learned the next big thing about it–it’s seasonal. (This is a goat cheese; goats produce their kids between January and March, and then their milk dries up in late summer. Some producers freeze some milk to be able to produce cheese year-round, but I gather that Louise does not.) I’ll find out when it will turn up again; I can’t wait.

Where I got it:  The Calf & Kid Artisan Cheese Shop, Melrose Market, Seattle. This shop is a real find! Knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff and an incredible array of the world’s finest and most interesting cheeses. See my post of January 23rd about Calf & Kid’s Cheese 101 class! (More about Melrose Market coming soon!)

2 thoughts on “Yarmouth Farms French Creek cheese

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